Tuesday 15 October 2019

ARCHIVE VIDEO: Fan favourite rugby ref Nigel Owens belting out 'Fields of Athenry' in Dublin pub

Rake The Ashes

Popular rugby referee Nigel Owens is a man of many talents.

Regarded as one of the finest referees of his generation, Owens proved he has a decent signing voice too as he joined revellers in Cassidy's on Campden Street on Sunday night.

Rake the Ashes were providing the entertainment on stage but it wasn't long before they were joined by Owens who treated fans to a version of the Fields of Athenry, the Black Velvet Band and an operatic Welsh song.

Owens was enjoying the night with some players, including Leinster's Sean O'Brien, after a a weekend of rugby that saw Leinster qualify for the Champions Cup final.

Owens is known for signing the occasional song so Rake the Ashes lead singer Chris O'Donnell wasn't going to let the opportunity pass and asked the Welshman up.

And, predictably, he had the place hopping.

Nigel Owens belting out 'Fields of Anthenry' in Dublin pub

"Well this is one of the best live bands I've heard," wrote Owens on Twitter.

"Great night in Dublin listening to the Rake The Ashes in Cassidys Bar in Dublin!  Big thanks to Chris O'Donnell for letting me join them for a song too."


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