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ARCHIVE VIDEO: Big-hearted James McClean took on Down Syndrome team who had no-one to play

The Oxford Bulls first featured in the Belfast Telegraph and derrynow.com at the start of the month with both publishers pointing out that they had no-one to play against.

This is where Ireland star James McClean stepped up to reinforce popular opinion that he is one of football's great guys when he personally reached out to Kevin Morrison, whose son Adam plays for the Bulls.

"John Norris, father of one of the players, is a barber and he cuts hair for a lot of Derry players," Morrison told Independent.ie.

"James used to pop in ask about his son Conan and always said he would pop down to meet the players.

"Out of the blue I got message on Facebook from James himself on the Monday night and he said he would be up on the Wednesday. I thought it was a fake account.

"There was a mad rush to get them ready. He confirmed it on Tuesday and said he would bring a few mates and give the lads a game.

"My son Adam is a huge fan of James. He was in awe. He walked in very low key with his Ireland gear on. Adam just stood pointing at him. We thought they would stay for 15 minutes but they were there for over an hour-and-a-half.

"Paddy McCourt was down with us on Sunday through John Norris. Maybe he was talking to James but it was brilliant. The lads are floating on air since it happened.

"We have been talking to Everton, who have a Down Syndrome team, to maybe get over there for a little tournament."

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