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Russian singer jailed after speaking out against Putin while on stage

Russian singer Yuri Shevchuk, known for the band DDT popular in Russia, was arrested on Wednesday after he criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine during one of his concerts.

During a concert in the Russian city of Ufa, the frontman said: "People are dying because of the Napoleonic actions of our own Julius Caesar." He was clearly referring to Putin.

On Instagram, producer Radmir Usayev said the singer was questioned for an hour to clarify his views on the war, and that he was charged with an unspecific crime. Shevchuk now has to appear in court, and risks a prison sentence.

Just last month, authorities in the Siberian city of Tyumen canceled a DDT concert after the band refused to play on a stage decorated with a giant 'Z', symbolizing support for Russia's war in Ukraine.

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