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Restaurant owner offers burglar a job after break-in

A forgiving business owner inspired by Easter has decided against pressing charges on a burglar who broke into his restaurant and instead offered him a job.

Carl Wallace made the decision after a man broke into Diablo’s Southwest Grill in Augusta, Georgia, shortly after 4am on Easter Saturday – which also happened to be Mr Wallace’s 45th birthday.

Mr Wallace shared pictures of the break-in on Facebook along with his personal phone number – asking the robber to "please swing by for a job application."

"The damage was the only thing done, no money was taken, not one penny." Mr Wallace said in a video interview.

"It made me realise that as a robber this guy is not doing a good job...

"This guy has done this to several restaurants and we are all saying the same thing. This poor guy is just not getting anything, so how about just get a job?"

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