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Real Health: Why everything you’ve been told about food is wrong with Tim Spector

Since we were young, many of us have been taught that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. But what if what we believe about breakfast or food more generally is wrong?

On this week’s episode of Real Health, I’m joined by author and Professor of genetic epidemiology, Tim Spector.

Tim is one of the world's leading scientists in food and nutrition. His book Spoon-Fed: Why almost everything we’ve been told about food is wrong, looks to bust the myths and rules surrounding food that have been accepted in society for decades.

Tim says even as people got older, the idea that breakfast was the meal that couldn’t be missed continued. We were told skipping breakfast could lead to weight gain and over eating. This Tim says, is completely wrong: “There is no evidence that skipping breakfast is bad for you. There is increasingly good evidence that for many people, not everybody but for many people (sic), skipping breakfast is a way of losing weight and improving metabolism. We also know that it can help your gut microbes as well.”

We also chat about obesity as well as fasting, something Tim says he does about twice a week.

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