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Real Health: Top Ten Tips to Overhaul your Diet with Aveen Bannon

On this week’s Real Health episode, I’m bringing you the top ten tips you’ll need to overhaul your diet.

No fads, no gimmicks, just easy things you can do to improve your health. I’ll be looking at why we shouldn’t skip meals, the importance of hydration and why incorporating colour into every meal can be a simple yet effective way to improve what you eat.

To discuss all this, I’m joined by dietitian with the Dublin Nutrition Centre, Aveen Bannon.

Aveen says we can over complicate health. She says we need to get back to basics and should be inclusive rather than exclusive when it comes to food: “It’s as unhealthy to focus on the health of the food as it is the 'unhealthiness' of a food. You want to have a relationship where you are still enjoying food but are still getting the nutrients you need.”

We also talk about how fibre has become the forgotten nutrient and why it’s so important to shake oat or almond milk in the carton, every time we have it.

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