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Portable UV light technology could remove Covid-19 from a room in 15 minutes

Warning: Contains flashing images. An Irish company, Hytech.ie, have discovered a mobile gadget that they claim can disinfect a standard sized room in 15 minutes, killing viruses such as Covid-19.

Rodney Cadden has brought the technology in Lombardy hospitals where it has been used to help Italy's battle with the coronavirus. In the video Rodney explains how the technology works to flash a special kind of UV light that viruses "do not like".

Users need to make sure they are protected from the light before using it, as it is dangerous when exposed directly to skin.

As Covid-19 is still a new virus research on UV light's effectiveness the virus is currently limited; however, there has been an increase of sales of the technology in health sectors around the world since the crisis began. Could this kind of technology help us tackle the Covid-19 crisis?

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