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Police storm secret nightclub of 150 people in Birmingham

Bodycam footage released by police shows officers storming an illegal nightclub with a VIP are and a DJ over the weekend. Thermal inaging drones showed party goers fleeing the scene through the rooftop.

After witnessing a number of taxis drop people off at the venue on Saturday night, officers forced their way inside to find 150 people packed into the building across two floors.

As well as the bar, with neon signs and a dance room, officers came across a recording studio and gym.

Some officers were pelted with bottles and one suffered a minor injury as a door was smashed open by people trying to break out.

Fifty people are believed to have fled when police arrived, but about 70 revellers were caught and issued with £200 fines. The DJ could also face a £10,000 fine.

West Midlands Police said they issued 70 fines as a result of the event.


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