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Mother's horror as kids turn bathtub into giant paint pot

Forget little green men coming from Mars – a West Midlands mum has relived the moment when she found two playing in her suburban bath tub after letting her children loose with a tub of paint. Teaching assistant Donna Evans, 32, thought she had discovered the perfect “parenting hack” to minimise the mess when her children, Hallie, seven, and Isaac, three, painted together – by popping them in the bath while they played. On several occasions her plan had worked perfectly, but when, last month, she stepped out of the bathroom for 15 minutes to take an important Zoom call for work, she returned to find her children, the tub, the walls and everything within reach coated in green paint. Luckily, despite needing multiple showers to clean her children – who retained a green tinge for several days – and some time to spruce up the bathroom, Donna, of Cannock, and her plasterer husband, Kye Evans, 33, saw the funny side and are happily sharing pictures of the mess.

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