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Moment rescue dogs hug for photograph

Knut the mongrel is quite the poser, hugging his Daschund pal Paulie when the cameras come out.

The Pomeranian mix, under the Instagram name @knutini_, has won a following of over 60,000 on the social media platform, thanks to his skills in front of camera.

The clips show Knut hugging Pauli, with Pauli snuggling back into Knut.

Knut's owner, Antonia, said that the pair are quite the handful when together. "My mother adopted her (Pauli) 2 weeks after I got Knut and they‘ve been super close ever since. While Knut is the sweetest, most well behaved boy when he’s alone, it’s like 'The Purge' whenever these two are together. But I‘m still very happy they got each other."

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