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Mischievous fox tries to steal football in Dublin

Footage shows a curious fox inspecting a football on the grounds of Trinity college in Dublin.

The clip, taken by musician Tadhg Williams, shows a fox inspecting a football, before trying to steal it.

Tadhg was having a socially-distant kickabout on the grounds of Trinity College in Dublin, before he and his friends noticed a fox sniffing around their bags.

"We had to chase him (the fox) away from our bags a couple of times," Tadhg told Independent.ie.

"He was up real close to us, so I took out the phone to take a little video of him. One of my mates then decided to roll the ball towards the fox."

In the clip Tadhg and his friends can be heard admiring the fox as it sniffs the ball, calling it 'cute', but feelings change quickly as the fox tries to pick up the ball and run with it.

Thankfully, for Tadhg and his friends, the fox dropped the ball before running off.

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