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Miracle baby who weighed just 1lb at birth now embracing life

A baby who was so tiny when she was born three months early that she was dwarfed by her father's hand is now thriving - two years after leaving hospital on her mother's birthday. Struck down by pre-eclampsia, causing high blood pressure, 27 weeks into her pregnancy, magazine editor Becky Ffrench, 37, and her accountant husband Alex, 39, were told to prepare for the worst when baby Rose had to be delivered immediately by c-section, weighing just 1lb 4oz. During four long months in hospital, Rose's life hung in the balance, but she pulled through and was finally allowed home to a village near Tunbridge Wells, Kent, on August 3 2018 - her mum's 36th birthday. Now Rose - whose due date was July 14, 2018, but was delivered on April 17 - is a healthy two-year-old and was signed off from the hospital last week, according to her mum, who said: “For her to come home on my birthday was the best present ever, especially after such a long journey to get her there. “Since then, she has thrived and hit all her milestones. It’s been a real miracle. “She was having regular check-ups at the hospital, but last week she was signed off completely. “She’s a happy and fun little girl. Nothing seems to faze her. At nine months old we took her on holiday to Canada and she had a fabulous time, all wrapped up on our sledge. Nothing bothers her at all.” Becky and Alex had no trouble conceiving and the pregnancy was trouble-free until 27 weeks.

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