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Man tries to cut through lock in Dublin

The resignation among those reacting to the video can be gleaned from the comments

A man has been caught on camera sawing through a bike lock on what appears to be a busy Dublin street in broad daylight.

The man, dressed in a black hoodie and grey tracksuit pants, can be seen in the TikTok video entitled ‘This is Dublin, what a day, what a city’, using a hacksaw on the bike that is locked on the street.

As cars and people pass by the man brazenly hacks away while glancing around.

Last year thieves took some 7,000 bikes in Ireland - 70 per cent of which were stolen in Dublin.

“Shucks he forgot his key,” one sarcastically suggested.

“The poor craytur (sic) can’t even afford a battery grinder, have some compassion,” adds another.

“Daylight robbery,” a third person wrote.

"This is an example of how people live in Ireland. Don’t give a sh*t for someone else," one exasperated viewer fumed.

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