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Man makes pet of fox in Kilkenny

A man based in North Kilkenny, near Castlecomer, has made pet out of a fox that frequents the area.

"He started coming just before Christmas, but he was very shy so we would just see him through the window and leave food for him." Eamonn Walsh told Independent.ie.

As the fox got braver, Eamonn Walsh was able to whistle to make the animal appear on command.

"He's got braver every day. We can call him now and he comes."

Eamonn Walsh has uploaded a series of videos to social media platform TikTok, showing the fox coming closer to the camera when food is being presented.

In one of the clips Eamonn presents the fox with an egg. "No better fox," Eamonn says, as the animal picks up the egg with its mouth.

"He brings off a lot of food. I'm beginning to think 'he' could be a 'she' feeding cubs."

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