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Man goes viral for paying off ex-girlfriend's mortgage for her birthday

Shaun Nyland decided to take financial pressure off his ex-girlfriend's shoulders by paying off a loan for her.

Anyone who says couples that break up can't stay friends will not have heard of Shaun Nyland and Cat Keenan.

Shaun and Cat Keenan had been together for seven years, sharing a four-bedroom semi-detached townhouse in Wales. The couple became known on social media for their TikTok videos about their family life.

Earlier this year, the couple decided to split up. Shaun returned to his parents' house, while Cat continued to live in the house with her son Leo.

The video shows Shaun returning to the house and throwing a bunch of keys at Cat.

"It's your birthday and I want you to have the best birthday ever," he says.

“I know we're not together anymore and you're obviously struggling to pay the mortgage every month. I know it's been hard but I'm so proud of you. You are the best mom ever. And so I called the bank, the entire mortgage is paid off. This house is now yours,” Shaun says.

The TikTok video has been viewed more than 4.5 million times.

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