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Man gets punched for playing Wolfe Tones during loyalist parade in Belfast

The driver turned up 'We're on the One Road' before the bandsman approached and punched him

A video has emerged appearing to show a loyalist bandsman punching a driver as he sat in his car playing a Wolfe Tones song, 'We’re on the One Road', which has been adopted by republicans and supporters of the Provisional IRA, loudly.

The footage, being shot by a passenger in the car, shows the motorist turning the volume up with his window down as the parade, understood to have been in the Hope Street area of Belfast city centre, and waving his hand in time to the music and towards the nearby parade, before he is approached by a bandsman.

The bandsman is heard saying, “what’s wrong?”, before the driver says, “what are you going to do?”.

After the brief exchange, the bandsman is seen punching the driver in the face, knocking his glasses off his head.

The PSNI are currently investigating the incident.

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