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Woman who fell in love with female best friend reveals how they got pregnant at the same time

A career woman who married her female best friend - before they fell pregnant "in tandem" using a £72 (€80) home insemination kit and a sperm donor found online - describes their babies as "almost twins," as they were born three days apart.

Inseparable after meeting at school in Venezuela, South America, Karina Rincon, 31, and Kelly Mesa, 32, then moved to the USA after graduating - living all around the vast country separately, before connecting in Miami, Florida, when they settled there in 2013.

Both successful biomedical engineers, until then they had only dated men, but after confessing their true feelings, they became a couple and married in September 2017, when their thoughts turned to starting a family.

Priced out of expensive IVF clinics, they bought a £72 (€80) home artificial insemination kit, before finding a sperm donor online and doubling their chances of having a baby by both trying - never thinking they would each fall pregnant on their first attempt.

Now living as a family of four in Los Angeles, California, after Kelly gave birth to baby Leo on July 7, 2019, and her wife to his sister Sophie just three days later, Karina said: “I’m really glad we didn’t go into labour at the same time.

"That was a worry of ours, but thankfully, being three days apart meant that I could be there when Leo was born and Kelly could when Sophie was."

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