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Sunday 17 February 2019

WATCH: Student adopts abandoned fox cub as pet

Renee Bailey

A student who has become a surrogate mum to an abandoned vixen cub has told how the adorable creature is now best friends with her pet Labrador.

Not usually a man's best friend, Vixey the fox was adopted into the Holdway family.

Gemma Holdway, 19, and her family discovered five two-day-old foxes on their farm. They feared they might die when their mother failed to return, so the family took them in – intending to give them to an animal hospital.

But the runt of the litter imprinted on Gemma, who then raised her as her own... alongside their other four dogs.

Now Vixey is one of the family, and best friends with their pet labrador.

Respectful that she is still a wild animal, Gemma allows her plenty of time to roam around the land – which has been "fox-proofed" so she cannot escape and predators can't get in.

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