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WATCH: Papa John's create pizza exclusively for bees

A pizza for bees has been created. Made from pizza dough, wildflowers and pollen, the culinary creation aims to highlight the needs of bees. It has been made by Papa John's, to coincide with the launch of 'The Bee Sting' pizza, a new menu addition for the company.

Pap John's have created the world's first "Beeza" – a pizza designed for bees. It's less than one inch in diameter, made with real dough and passata, topped with flowers and local pollen.

According to experts, the flower toppings of forget-me-nots and rose geraniums are favourites with bees.

Papa John's is supporting the Bumblebee Conservation Trust by giving out packs of wildflower seeds to customers, whilst launching its new "Bee Sting" pizza.

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