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WATCH: Irish wedding speech with a twist - 'When the best man won't give them a hard time, I gladly do it instead'

This Donegal wedding video is going viral.

Bridesmaid, Ciara Whoriskey from Derry changed some of the lyrics of One Direction song 'Perfect' to describe how the newlywed couple met and their funny qualities.

“If you like someone who’ll cater to your every need, if you’d like someone who’s nose is almost too small to breathe, then Rachael she’s perfect.

“She's very talented and I knew her speech would not disappoint.” said bride, Kerrie Costello who’s been friends with Ciara for 10 years.

Kerrie Costello married her partner Rachael in the Radisson Blu hotel in Letterkenny on  the 12th May. She had proposed to her wife a year beforehand.

The Derry couple are flying to Tenerife tomorrow for 2 weeks for their honeymoon.

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