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WATCH: Heartwarming moment this toddler tucks her blanket around adopted dog

Drift is a retired greyhound who was adopted by the Elliott family in Dublin three weeks ago. This video, filmed by the toddler's mum Sinead, shows little Aisling tucking her blanket around Drift to keep him warm.

Independent.ie spoke to Margaret Moran, volunteer at HUG, about the charity and the adoption process:

"Drift had been with HUG for a while as unfortunately black dogs are often harder to home than other colour dogs. The Elliotts were looking to get a family dog and also wanted to help greyhounds...We knew Drift was very good and calm around children, his colour didn't matter to the Elliotts."

Drift is enjoying life with his new family and walks to school every day with Aisling, her two siblings and parents.

Margaret told us how "from experience we had a feeling we'd got the match right (it's a little bit like matchmaking!)"

HUG is a small, registered charity  run entirely by volunteers around the country who work with trainers and owners and vets in counties Kerry and Cork to home greyhounds when their racing career is over - this happens at any time between ages 2-4 and for females who are then used for breeding, as late as 5-8 years.

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