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WATCH: Gardaí welcome two-year-old Noah Quish to the force

Two year old Noah Quish has been named the newest Garda recruit and he was given his uniform and badge yesterday in Limerick.

Elaine Cusack of Henry Street Garda Station presented Noah with his Garda uniform and An Garda Síochána are delighted to welcome this new member to their rank. Noah, who was born with a hole in his heart and has since been diagnosed with severe scoliosis has been a big hit on twitter, attracting the affection of many users. After he was born, his mother Una, noticed problems with Noah's health when he was unable to gain weight. "One night I couldn't wake him and I thought he had gone, so I knew something wasn't right. "I went to the hospital frantic as this was going on a few weeks, the doctors heard a tiny heart murmer. "We went to the cardiologist who told us that Noah has an atrial septal defect and had a very large hole in his hear that would require surgery."Once moved to Crumlin Chilldren's hospital, Noah underwent an open heart surgery at only four months old and had airway surgery two weeks later. He will require more surgery in the future. Noah is fed through a feeding tube and since been diagnosed with scoliosis.

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