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WATCH: Dad flies home from duty in Lebanon to surprise his daughter

Daniel Downey interrupts his daughter’s dance class to make an emotional reunion. The result is deeply moving.

When the family of Danni, aged 8, found out her father was going to be in Lebanon with the Irish Army for five months, they decided to plan a reunion to remember.

“We had been planning this since May,” said Danni’s Aunt Paula.

“I was a nervous wreck. I had to collect her from school that day to bring her to her grandmother's house, so she wouldn't know her dad was home.

“Danni was in her dance class in Francesca Arkins Dance and Stage Academy. She didn't have a clue, she was in shock. You can hear me in the background screaming crying. It was so emotional.”

In a couple of short weeks Daniel will return to Lebanon. He is due back home in November, when the family have another surprise reunion planned.


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