Sunday 21 July 2019

WATCH: Adorable moment couple introduce newborn baby to their Golden Retriever

Danny Johnson – Youtube

For the past 11 years, Danny Johnson and his wife Ann Johnson's pets were the children of the family; that was until the arrival of their new baby 'Charlotte'.

For the past 11 years, Danny Johnson and his wife Ann Johnson struggled with infertility – the couple's pets being the children of the house.

The couple had suffered two miscarriages in the past; but this week they had the joy of introducing their new-born baby Charlotte to Sadie their Golden Retriever – at their home in Utah.

The adorable clip, which was uploaded to Danny’s Youtube channel, shows Sadie greeting Charlotte with a kiss, and lying down beside her.

Danny has been making sure Sadie hasn’t been feeling left out.

“I was nervous that Sadie being the current baby of the home may feel sad”, said Danny.

“I have been giving her extra attention. I slightly pull the baby back, not for fear of harm, but so Sadie didn’t give her a bath. Sadie is full of love.”

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