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VIDEO - MAY CAUSE DISTRESS: Tramautised dog won't look away from the wall

A video has emerged from PAWS Ireland showing a traumatised dog who is too afraid to look away from the wall in his pen.

An animal rescue charity has released footage that shows a dog so traumatised, she is too scared to look away from the corner of the room.Cara, a sighthound, was taken in by PAWS Animal Rescue back in July 2015.

In the video she can be seen refusing to look away from the corner of the room, despite efforts from the staff to persuade her to move.Rescuers believe that the behaviour is caused by years of abuse, as a vet confirmed the dog was suffering from acute nerves rather than a medical condition that can cause similar behaviour.

Shortly after the video was released, PAWS reported that Cara had improved, sharing a video of the sighthound playing in her new owner's home.

Cara was eventually adopted by Michael and Theresa McGrath, becoming one of the thousands of dogs to be rescued by PAWS since 1997.

The charity was set up by Deirdre & Gina Hetherington in Sallins, Co Kildare with the aim ofboth rehoming unwanted dogs and saving them from destruction.

Readers can donate to PAWS by visiting www.paws.ie/donate


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