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Mum throws online isolation birthday party for daughter with leukaemia

A loving mother has thrown an eighth birthday party in isolation for her little girl with leukaemia - sharing a homemade cake with her and her big sister, as a magician performed tricks and her friends popped in - using video calls. Diagnosed with leukaemia - cancer of the white blood cells - in January 2019, because of her compromised immune system, little Maia Blue has been self-isolating since March 16 with her mother Tania, 44, who works for the JobCentre and her sister Saamiyah, 13. Classed as vulnerable due to the Covid-19 virus, Maia has been advised not to leave home for 12 weeks, meaning her mum had an unusual party to plan for her birthday on April 2 - with all her friends and family also in lockdown and no one outside their household allowed to attend.

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