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Mother donates 62 litres of breast milk to parents struggling to produce their own

A "human milkmaid" who was breastfeeding when she learned how to pump a cow's udders has also expressed so much of her own milk that she has given 62 litres away. Describing herself as a "suburban housewife" before she and her air traffic controller husband, Jon, 35, relocated to a 6.5 acre smallholding in Griffin, Georgia, USA, with their children and pet dog, in July 2018, Sophia Spear, 27, soon loved country life. Acquiring 12 laying hens, five cockerels, three cows, two goats and two cats, Sophia, who has three children - Atticus, four, Leland, two, and Jasper, five months - with Jon, said: "My husband had always spoken about wanting to live off the land some day and I went along with it, but never for a second thought it would happen.

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