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High-flying family lawyer reveals how she moonlights as a sexual energy healer

A family lawyer who moonlights as a sexual energy healer has drawn comparisons between her two jobs - saying one requires brain power and the other the "power of love" - with both focusing on helping people.

Sunni Joy, 47, was inspired to use her gift to help others in 2017, after healing her former partner's injured knee using "positive affirmation."

The singleton, of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, started giving 15 minute sessions online the following year - charging $40 (£30.62) a time - and now hopes to quit law by the end of the year in favour of healing full-time, saying: "I guess I've always wanted to help people, which is why, after passing the bar exams in 1997, I went into family law."

She continued: "But being a lawyer is a very conservative job and I want to help people in a more spiritual way.

"I wasn't sure how to do that until my former partner injured his knee. It all happened very intuitively.

"We were sitting on the sofa and he was complaining, so I placed my hands on it and started repeating positive affirmations."

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