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Comedian Stevo Timothy who was left a wheelchair user after a road accident commits to cycling 5k for charity

Popular Galway comedian and sketch maker Stevo Timothy (38), also known as Farmer Michael, has committed to cycling 5km for charity despite being left partially paralysed 15 years ago.

The comedian shot to fame several years ago after his Farmer Michael sketches amassed millions of views and fans on social media.

While he was left a wheelchair user after a road accident in 2005, Stevo still has limited use of his legs and has committed to raising thousands for charity.

“I had an accident and I broke my neck and my back and a few other bones,” he recalled.

“I was paralysed from the upper chest down. I was in the National Rehab Hospital for about eight months or so before I could go home.

“I recovered pretty well considering the alternative, I have limited movement and limited sensation, I have more strength on my left side than my right,” he explained.

As he has limited walking ability with crutches and a leg brace, he is able to cycle as his balance is strong.

He aims to cycle 5km on a running track in Galway on May 30, which is 400m in length, meaning he’ll have to do 12.5 loops.

“I’m probably going to die,” he joked.

“I have cycled a bike since, my balance is okay but my stamina, to keep going, needs work. I’ve started practising with my trainer at home and we’ve gotten up to 2km.

“It wasn’t too hard but it’ll be a different kettle of fish on the road.”

“I’m anxious, but I’m a stubborn person, if I didn’t train for it, I would make sure I still did it on the day even if I fell off 20 times,” he said.

As he has already raised €13,000 on his GoFundMe fundraiser, he aims to raise €50,000.

“We raised €13,000 in three days, I think it’s possible.”

He will donate the funds to the Irish Wheelchair Association as it’s close to his heart.

“It’s close my heart with my condition and my mother was a wheelchair user as well and she used to go to their day centres.

“They always had great time for her,” he added.

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