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ARCHIVE: Meet the ‘Naked Rancher’ who herds cattle, chops wood and goes fishing in the nude

Hunky Dick Powers sets Instagram alight with pictures and videos of himself herding cattle, chopping wood and fishing in his family’s 1,800 acres in the buff – dubbing himself The Naked Rancher. Skinny dipping in hot springs dotted around the magnificent landscape in Montana, USA, where he has been helping to run the ranch since 2017, triggered 36-year-old Dick’s desire to ditch formal wear for his birthday suit. He said: “I love being naked and I love being a naturist.” He continued: “Anything which involves a blade I avoid for safety reasons. I will chop wood with an axe, but that’s as far I will go – I don’t want to slice anything off! “I did once wear chaps and a helmet to use the chainsaw for an Instagram pic, but if I’m honest I regretted it. “All my posts tend to be organic and natural, while that one felt like it was mainly for my followers.”

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