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Irish TikToker sums up difficulty of the Modh Coinníollach in hilarious sketch

Irish TikToker creates sketch reminding us of the most feared of all Irish lessons... the Modh Coinníollach.

The Modh Coinníollach, does anyone know what it actually is?

Irish TikToker Séamus Lehane, well known for his hilarious online video sketches, has summed up the difficulty so many of us have had with it, using his own hilarious twist.

The video shows the Primary School teacher, from Limerick, taking us "on a journey" to find the Modh Coinníollach.

He describes it as a "conditional tense", that can be found while visiting your "darkest fears and wildest dreams".

The video portrays the Modh Coinníollach as abstract, mysterious, and frightening; summarising how so many of us felt about it in school.

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