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WATCH: With this week's heatwave, we can still find something to complain about

While temperatures continue to soar into the high twenties this week and weather hotter than the Canaries, there is nothing to complain about—unless you’re Irish.

Independent.ie asked swimmers, cyclers and sun worshippers heading to Bull Island what would be the one thing they could think to complain about on such a fabulous day.

For many beach goers, the traffic was a major source of inconvenience.

“It’s terrible to come out in such beautiful weather and then to have to sit in the car for about forty minutes queuing up and you’ve only moved ten minutes,” said Clontarf local Patricia Donnelly.

And while the return of sunshine has been gladly received after more mild temperatures last week, the accompanying fear of sunburn has not received the same warm welcome.

“Biggest pain definitely having to buy sun cream and put it on and just be so sticky on such a lovely day I mean it’s a pain that nobody wants to be honest, just ruins everything,” said Caoilinn Devins of Glasnevin.

But, although the sun rays may be harsh and the traffic at a standstill, many were quick to note the importance of taking advantage of this week’s heat wave while it lasts. 

“It doesn’t matter what nationality you are today, there’s nothing to complain about, great day, lovely sea and I’m just after getting out of a swim, so absolutely delighted and nothing to complain about,” said Brendan Kirwan of Palmerstown.

Watch the full video to see what other inconveniences people shared in today’s marvellous weather.

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