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WATCH: PJ Gallagher joins the call for a health led approach to drug use in Ireland

Stand-up comedian, broadcaster and actor PJ Gallagher is the latest personality to back the call for a health led approach to the possession of small quantities of drugs for personal use in Ireland.

Speaking as part of the #SaferFromHarm campaign, PJ Gallagher said:

“Putting someone in jail for having drugs for personal use isn’t going to do anything for anybody, because when someone comes out of jail they’re straight back on to drugs. There has to be something that breaks the chain or breaks the cycle. The only thing that I think that might work, even though we’ve never tried it as a country, or to any great degree, is compassion. To try and find a way of treating human beings like they are human beings and say ‘you’re not a criminal, you have a problem and we really want to try and help’”.

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