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WATCH: Gardaí called after man caught of dashcam jumping over moving car

A man who ran at and jumped onto the bonnet of a moving car in Dublin on Saturday morning has been caught on this shocking dashcam footage.

The footage recorded at 4.48am on the Glin Road in Coolock shows the man running down the road at the car which was travelling at approximately 30km/h.

The man then leaps onto the bonnet of the car before bounding over the roof towards the back of the vehicle.

Keith Mosley, who uploaded the recording, said it was his father’s car.

"He comes out of nowhere running towards my da's car with no warning before running up the bonnet and jumping on the roof.  The car now has a badly dented bonnet also has significant damage to roof," Keith wrote on Facebook.

The video was watched over 100,000 times on Facebook and efforts were made to identify the man.

Keith said that the gardaí have been notified.

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