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WATCH: Commuters delayed as garda car blocks Luas line to arrest two people

Gardai parked across the Luas tracks as they arrested two men last night, this footage shows.

A garda car was parked across the tram tracks between Abbey Street and Jervis Street in Dublin City Centre at around 8.10pm.

Commuters faced a five minute delay while gardai escorted two people from the scene and put them into the back of their car before driving off.

An eye witness told Independent.ie: "I was heading home from work and the Luas driver announced there would be a delay because a car was blocking the line.

"After a minute or two I went up to see what the issue was and I saw the Garda car blocking the line."

"After a few seconds of me looking out the two Gardai put two people in the back of their car and drove off."

"I didn't see what was going on or why they were lifted."

Another incident from the Luas red line last year;

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