Thursday 18 July 2019

WATCH: Chilling road safety advert shows how a split second can cost lives Newsdesk Newsdesk

It only takes a split-second for everything to change, the message behind a powerful new advert from the Road Safety Authority.

Highlighting the fatal consequences that can comes from taking your eyes off the road, nearly 30 pc of road collisions on  Irish roads could be caused by a distracted driver.

The RSA is hopeful its new campaign ‘The Anatomy of a Split Second’ will be a stark reminder to people of the dangers associated with mobile phone use while driving.

The new advert is now airing on TV screens and opens with an idyllic family setting where everyday experiences are captured in a split second.

Focus soon switches however, to two cars driving towards each other as one driver is attempting to send a short text.

The devastating collision is inevitable and the ad concludes with the viewer seeing the crash through the mobile phone.

“We’re asking drivers to realise how their phones take their attention away from the task at hand.

"And having your full attention is never more important than when you have the lives of other road users in your hands,” said Brian Farrell, RSA communications manager.

This is the second in a series of ground-breaking commercials from Irish International BBDO on behalf of the RSA

It follows the internationally acclaimed ‘Don’t Look Back’ ad launched in July 2015, which was aimed at distracted parents.

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