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WATCH: 'A golden retrieval' - The moment Coast Guard jump to the rescue after dog trapped on cliff

On Monday afternoon the Irish Coast Guard operations centre received a call reporting a dog trapped 15 foot down a cliff at Red Rock in Sutton. A Coast Guard response team from Howth station that were in the area responded.

They met with the owner at the top of the cliff and then lowered a climber down to the dog. The dog, Marley a 3 year old Golden Retriever, had slipped while near the cliff edge and had become trapped. The Coast Guard climber secured the dog and lowered him to the beach below where he was reunited with his relieved owner. A unit from Dublin Fire Brigade also attended.


Earlieron Monday morning a member of the public reported that their dog had swam out to sea from the Bull Wall on Dollymount and wasn’t able to return. A unit of the Irish Coast Guard from Howth responded and along with a Dublin Port boat recovered the dog safely back to shore. Appreciation to the crew of Dublin Port boat for their assistance, the dog had swam out a considerable distance into the main shipping lane before the port boat was able to reach him.


On both incidents, the owners did the right thing in calling the Coast Guard right away and waiting for assistance rather than attempt a rescue themselves. Remember if you do see someone in trouble don’t delay call 112 right away. Your call could save a life.

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