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VIDEO: Translink release shocking level crossing footage that will leave you scratching your head

In the first clip the barriers are coming down at Coleraine level crossing to allow a train to arrive at the station.

A red car drives from the left of the screen attempting to 'beat the barrier' but smashes into it causing significant damage. 

The driver was prosecuted using evidence from the CCTV.

In the second clip a HGV vehicle at Kilmakee level crossing drove too far onto the level crossing and the barrier came down on the truck cab. 

The driver advised NI Railways Control and the train had to be ‘walked’ across the crossing at significantly reduced speed.

To remind pedestrians and motorists to avoid risk taking around near railway tracks and level crossings, a new outdoor and radio advertising campaign is currently live around the rail network with the messaging ‘Don’t’ try to beat the barrier’ and ‘Never use the tracks as a shortcut’.

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