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VIDEO: Shock as video emerges of young boy being cheered on as he drinks 'Guinness'

A video that shows a young boy drinking what appears to be alcohol while being cheered on by adults is being investigated by gardai.

The clip shows a boy in what appears to be a noisy pub playing with a toy car before he starts drinking from a half pint glass.

While he quickly gulps what looks like a glass of stout he is encouraged by several men.

The footage has since been shared dozens of times and gardai have confirmed they are investigating it.

A spokesman told Independent.ie: "An Garda Síochána are aware of a video which shows a young child drinking alcohol.

"The video is currently on various social media websites.

"The Garda National Protective Services Bureau are currently investigating this matter to establish the full facts."

The boy is cheered on by adults in the video, who shout comments, such as: "Go on, keep it going. Fair play to you boy", "tip the glass" and "go on son."

After he finishes the drink the group cheer, while the boy puts his thumb up to the camera.

  • If anyone is aware of the origins of this latest video or can offer some information around the footage, please send a mail to contact@independent.ie

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