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VIDEO: 'Miracle' escape after car crashes into rocks on busy beach

Beach-goers had a "miracle" escape today when a car plunged down some steps before crashing into rocks.

An eye-witness said the incident in Kilkee, Co Clare could have ended very differently as there were families and young children just inches from where the vehicle crashed.

Limerick woman Eleanor McSherry was enjoying a day at the picturesque beach when the incident happened shortly after 3pm.

She told Independent.ie: "I was walking up the beach when I saw the lifeguards belting it up the strand.

"There were people screaming and a car lying at the bottom of the rocks."

She continued to say: "It was packed for a Tuesday because it was 24C or 25C.

"Nobody seems to be injured but there were a lot of people in shock.

"If the car had landed just inches to the left it could have hit young children who were playing there.

"It's a miracle that nobody was killed really."

It's unknown how the incident happened or if there was a driver inside.
Ms McSherry said the crash was cleared in less than two hours and she praised the emergences services for their speedy response.

She said: "An ambulance, the Coast Guard, the Gardai and a Fire Brigade were there within minutes.

"You unfortunately hear about cars mounting pavements in attacks and you wonder if we would be prepared but they were very on the ball."

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