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VIDEO: Lone piper played heart-rending version of Welsh hymn Suo Gan at Michaela Gonda funeral

A couple whose only child died at a Dublin swimming pool bravely wore white t-shirts with her smiling image at her funeral today.

Mike and Yvonne Gonda were embraced by friends at the Requiem Mass for their nine-year-old daughter Michaela at the Church in Saggart, County Dublin.

An honour guard from the National Ambulance Service escorted the coffin. Yvonne works as an accident and emergency nurse at Saint James's Hospital in Dublin and many of the staff sympathised with the Michaela's mourning parents.

Guards of honour were provided by Michaela's school friends from the nearby Saggart National School.  Track suited members of the Pulse Triathlon Club and Dublin Bay Running Club provided guards of honour also as Mike is a member of both clubs.

A lone piper from Dublin Fire Brigade played a heart-rending version of Welsh hymn Suo Gan, which means 'sleep my baby.'

Michaela was having a swimming lesson at the Tallaght Community School Sports Complex in Balrothery, Co Dublin, when she fell ill on Friday evening.

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