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VIDEO: 'I felt powerless' - heart-wrenching new film highlights impact of emergency accommodation

‘Through the Cracks’ is a short online documentary exploring the unique challenges faced by young families who experience homelessness.

The film explores the experiences of three families who have or are currently living in state-funded emergency accommodation. In particular, the emotional and psychological toll which these families experience.

The film's Producer, Ingrid Casey, has experienced homelessness in the past:

"What is happening now with emergency accommodation amounts to continuing institutionalisation of women and children. Knowing that we have implemented such policies historically, with laundries and so forth, it kind of beggars belief that we could allow that to manifest again in the form of hubs etc, that are so unsustainable."

You can now watch the full film here: www.vimeo.com/boldpuppy/throughthecracks

The film was produced by Ingrid Casey and Bold Puppy productions, and directed by Irish filmmaking duo Luna.

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