Thursday 18 July 2019

VIDEO: 'I can't bear to stay here' - Widow of murder victim Michael McGibbon fears bumping into husband's killers

A devastated widow whose husband was taken from her by a paramilitary murder squad three weeks ago, is now being forced through fear of the killers to leave the family home she loves

Joanne McGibbon says she can’t bear to stay in the house she shared with Michael, who died in her arms after being shot just yards from their front door.

The 33-year-old says she lives in fear of bumping into Michael’s killers, who are still free to roam the streets where she lives in north Belfast.

Joanne says the pain of being so close to the spot where she fought so hard to save her husband’s life is too much to cope with. She now plans to leave the area where she had enjoyed a happy family life because she no longer feels safe.

Joanne revealed: “I can’t stay here, there are too many memories and I don’t know who is round the corner.

“It will mean the youngest children having to change schools but I think a fresh start will do them good and they will make new friends and we can have their old friends over to visit.

“The Housing Executive is trying to get us a house outside of the city. I just hope it is soon and we can leave here and start again. We are frightened here and we can’t stay.”

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