Monday 21 October 2019

VIDEO: Failed bike robbery captured by onlooker

Footage of the failed bike robbery was captured in Bluebell on Sunday night. In the footage, the person filming can be heard simultaneously reporting the incident to the Gardaí.

The incident happened inside the gates of an apartment block in Bluebell on Sunday, and was captured by a resident who noticed strange activity. 

“I saw him working on the bike lock; noticed that he had a screwdriver and was forcing the lock.

“I shouted to him that I was going to call the Garda. He stayed there while I was talking to the emergency services. I started to film because the phone operator asked me to take a picture of him. After I hung up the phone, I figured that it would take a while for the Gardaí to come, so I started to whistle real loud so the neighbours would hear and come outside. That's when he ran, jumped the gate and left.

“A Garda arrived around 23:00, and said I couldn’t press any charges because it wasn’t my bike.”

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