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VIDEO: Distressing TV ad on tragic consequences of entering water when drunk

The Coastguard have launched a hard-hitting new film warning young men to stay away from water when drinking. On average around 50 people die from alcohol-related drowning every year in the UK.

Now the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) are trying a new method to save lives.

The shocking 40-second film highlights that most people who die of alcohol-related drowning around the UK each year are young men who end up in the water making their way home.

Each tragic incident has a different cause, from slipping from river banks or harbour sides to dares from friends which go wrong.

A message from the MCA reads: "Even if the weather is warm, the waters around the UK remain extremely cold throughout the year.

"If you fall into the water, you are likely to suffer from cold water shock - your breathing increases uncontrollably, meaning that you are more likely to take water into your lungs and drown."

They said the safest course on a night out was to go home together.

"People who have been drinking are more likely to take risks, combining this with cold water can be lethal.

"We'd like everyone to take care near water, make sure they keep an eye on their mates and take a safe route on the way home."

If you see anyone in trouble on the coast, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

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