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The moment heavily armed Gardaí use a flash-bang grenade as they search Dublin flat complex

The operation was carried out at the Basin Street flat complex in the inner-city by detectives searching for firearms as part of an ongoing investigation. Members of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) were used to gain entry to the property due to the high-risk nature of the search which involved the possibility of weapons being inside the house. Video footage recorded of the incident, which took place on Tuesday night, shows a large number of detectives enter the flat complex in unmarked cars. A separate video shows several members of the ERU, who are highly trained in breach and entering situations, approach the door of a flat. The door is opened and one officer can be seen holding a ballistics shield before a flash-bang grenade is thrown inside to stun the occupants. The officers can be heard shouting 'armed gardai' several times before entering the flat. Sources said that detectives were searching the flat as part of a firearms investigation but that no weapons were discovered. The raid is understood to have been targeting a man in his 40s who is not considered to be involved in organised but has been caught with drugs in the past and was suspected of "holding" firearms.

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