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Family reunited for Christmas at Dublin Airport

Norma McEneaney wept tears of joy when she set eyes on her son, his partner and their baby as they emerged through the arrivals hall at Dublin Airport on a long-haul flight from Australia earlier today. It was the first time in three years that Ms McEneaney, her husband Liam and their daughters Emma and Kate, her husband Nicky from Firhouse, south Dublin, were reunited with Joseph McEneaney (34) who moved to Sydney a decade ago to work as an electrician. The last time he was home was in December 2018 for the wedding of his twin sister Kate. Also greeting him was the family of his partner Danielle Gillespie (34), from Derry whose Mum Deirdre, brother James and his fiancee Laura McCauley were also on hand for the happy homecoming. "Oh my God, it was gorgeous,” Norma said of the long-awaited reunion. But with the threat of Covid and the new variant Omicron looming over the trip, Norma said she was bracing herself for bad news. "There were butterflies when I was at the airport,” she said. “I was very worried about Omincron and I was very anxious until we came out of the airport,” she said. But luckily the Christmas tree and decorations in the house and the welcome home balloons that she festooned in the front garden to welcome the young family home didn’t go to waste. Her little granddaughter Sophie (18 months) wasted no time getting to meet the family, including her little cousin Sadie (23 months) before she had a well-deserved sleep following their 26-hour journey. And while the family celebrations will be low key this year due to Covid restrictions, Norma said she is just happy they are home safe and well for their visit over the next six weeks. "They’re here now and that’s it,” she said. "We’re just delighted to have them back.”

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