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CCTV shows man trying to smash cash register of food store in Stoneybatter, Dublin

CCTV from Mooz of Stoneybatter shows man attempting to smash a cash till.

Staff members at an Italian delicatessen in Dublin have been left "shaken", after a man removed a cash till and exited the premises with it.

The business released CCTV footage of the incident, where a man appears to throw the cash till on the ground several times, in an attempt to open it.

The suspect is said to have left the building with the unit. Gardaí have confirmed that they are currently investigating the incident.

Aiste Starkaite, owner of Mooz Italian Grocer of Stoneybatter, said that the store is now letting customers in using a buzzer, in an attempt to prevent similar attacks.

"The staff member on the till at the time has been left shaken, everyone has," Aiste said.

Gardaí said that no arrests have been made and investigations are ongoing.

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