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'But what about the Japs?' - There was a pretty awkward moment on TV3's Midday today

Viewers of TV3's Midday were left surprised when a panelist referred to Japanese people as “the Japs” in a segment of the popular show.

Clearly unaware of its derogatory meaning, Sandra Murphy used the term when speaking about how she was denied a job as an air hostess at Aer Lingus due to health and safety reasons because she was too small.

“I’m five foot two inches and three quarters, and my doctor told me you have to be at least five foot three,” she said.

“But what about the Japs?!,” she added.“They’re really small for the Japanese airlines!”

The panelists responded in fits of laughter as Murphy was left oblivious as to what she had said wrong.

“Did you just say Japs?” asked presenter Elaine Crowley, before telling her to say sorry.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it!” an embarrassed Murphy finished.

Irish personality Murphy, from Cork, appeared on the panel of the talk show alongside Fiona Looney, Barbara Scully and Michelle Jackson.

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