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ARCHIVE WATCH: Could Ireland face a crisp shortage if heatwave continues?

Crisp manufacturers nationwide could be in danger of running out of potato supplies if the drought weather conditions continue, one of Ireland’s leading crisp and potato producer has warned.

We asked the public how they'd react to the shortage.

One crisp-lover noted: 'it's the only sandwich filling for me' and added that she thought ' there'd be pitchforks.'

Tom Keogh of Keogh’s Crisps told FarmIreland that while there are still enough 2017 old potato reserves to keep crisp supplies afloat, he said if the hot and dry weather conditions continue for another two weeks, it will make supplies tight later in the year.

“As far as the 2017 crop is concerned everything is fine and we can use that up until late August. Potatoes that have been planted in April and May are a different story though. They’ve stopped growing because there’s so little moisture in the ground and we can only get water to 10pc of the crop,” he said.

“It’s not looking good. If conditions carry on for the next two weeks, it’ll have a huge impact in late 2018 and will affect the whole country.”

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